7 Bedroom with Vaulted Ceiling Pictures Ideas

Make some illusions with your space and lighting by a vaulted ceiling in your bedroom to build a cozy look with warmth and bright medium size bedroom!

The vaulted ceiling is an interior architecture that can make some beneficial illusions. The vaulted ceiling can give room to have more lights from the outside. This interior can be really helpful in a living room mostly. For a bedroom, the vaulted ceiling can give the illusion to make the rooms looks empty as if it is big. It can also give us some more space to hang some decorations like art and pictures or fan and beautiful hanging lamp. Lights and space can produce a cozy bedroom for us and comfortable for a guest bedroom too.

We have collected for you 7 bedroom vaulted ceiling pictures that might inspire your bedroom idea. The pictures we conducted below here are only for reference with its benefit if you wish to fulfill some function in your bedroom.

10   bedroom with vaulted ceiling pictures idea


  1. Some more natural lights

A white wall can bounce the sunlight well to every point of the room. Although it is vaulted ceiling it is counted as low ceiling still.

  1. As if the room is wider

The vaulted ceiling does not always mean high ceiling. But in this example, the bedroom looks wider with that high vaulted ceiling. Imagine if the ceiling is flat, it will not give the same illusion.

  1. More decoration space

Some people want to express themselves in their own bedroom. These vaulted ceiling pictures idea can be one of the ways to get your bedroom goal.

  1. Comfortable minimalist bedroom

Loft bedroom can be a good option for brothers or sisters kids. Vaulted ceiling will give more spaces that you can add one more kid of the room.

  1. Good for hanging things

Lamp and fan are two examples of things that hang. The higher ceiling can give a better look to hang things like lamp and fan.

  1. Suitable for high glass door

The vaulted ceiling is suitable for anything high and long. The long lamp is one of them but the door and window can be one of them too.

  1. Supported any style

This beautiful beach theme is one of the examples that vaulted ceiling both high and low is supported any theme or style you want to put.

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