Best Of Eye-catching White Orb Chandelier You Must have

Let’s decorate your ceiling with eye-catching and unique white orb chandelier! Here we collected for you the images and description product for your information.

Such a waste high ceiling is without hanging lighting such as white orb chandelier. A high ceiling especially needs not only more decoration but also its lighting necessity. The chandelier is a beautiful and mind-blowing option to both decorated and lighted the area. However, for the most visit area like a living room or bedroom, a chandelier can be an eye-catching and unique based on what you like the most since everyone had their own aesthetic value.

You may know vineyard orb 4 light chandelier, that famous unique chandelier is one of the examples for the aesthetic living room. Many reviews from buyer said that this chandelier is so eye-catching and people cannot help not to ask where to get the same item for their house as well. The reviewers are satisfied with the final look of this item. One chandelier can make a whole different and empty high ceiling looks away better and astonishing.

White orb chandelier ideas and product description

  1. Distressed wood sphere chandelier

What a stunning chandelier it is to be hanged on your entryway. It looks such a unique but dramatic white orb chandelier. The material of this product is iron and wood. The description said that this is best applied in a rustic house theme or farmhouse dining table look. There 6 lights that required 40 watts each maximally. This looks so woody and natural.

  1. Spence pendant white

Almost the same as the previous one but has a vintage look and more globe chandelier. It is made of wood which surrounded the 4 metal form of the candlestick. It is included hardware that can fit your ceiling high because it is also served a 6’L chain in total. The description did not recommend this product to be applied outdoor and some moist like water.

  1. Victorian hotel pendant

It looks extremely glamorous with Victorian age look. The finished beauty is also polished with nickel make it looks so glamour and blinking. There are only 4 lights with maximal 60-watt each. This is also included a chain that will fit your ceiling. the product is recommended to use indoor.

These three are the ideas of white orb chandelier that looks stunning with your ceiling especially on the entryway and dining table.

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