Fancy Ceiling Design Ideas

Bored with your flat and unaesthetic ceiling at your home? Try to change your ceiling design to a various design which is more aesthetic. Decorating a room does not mean just decorate the wall paint or the furniture inside, but try to be creative with the ceiling to make your home design is more perfect. Do not be a worry, because the ceiling design can be adjusted to your own style as well as the decoration of the wall, flooring, and furniture. There are lots of design ideas for house ceiling that can be applied in your home. Here are some ideas of fancy ceiling design to change your conventional ceiling.

1. Rustic style

For a rustic-style ceiling, you can change your ceiling into a wooden block. Simply, put the wooden beams arranged parallel to fill the ceiling and then adjust them to your house decoration as a whole or certain room that is given more accent on the ceiling, such as the living room. You can use dark brown for the ceiling and use wooden flooring or vinyl flooring with the wooden pattern while the wall paint is a brighter color equipped with wooden furniture to give a deep rustic impression.

2. Minimalist concept

Have a minimalist house? You should try this fancy ceiling design by giving a deep space in the center of the ceiling. This style is very suitable to be applied in the small dining room to make it looks larger by placing the lighting in the center of the deep space. Also, give lighter color than the outside to be more visible and emphasize minimalist style.

3. Roof Room Ceiling

Roof room usually very difficult to be set due to its small size. However, you can make the ceiling that follows the shape of the roof, not flat as always. Thus, the ceiling is more aesthetic and the room feels spacious. You can apply the lighting which sticks to the ceiling. It is better and no longer take too much space in your room than the chandelier. Simple isn’t it?

Which one your favorite fancy ceiling design idea? Do not hesitate to design the home ceiling to make you are more comfortable to live in. Do not ever let your home lifeless by providing a conventional design that makes not feel at home. Begin to express yourself through the design of your own home and make it alive.


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