Italian Modern Bedroom Furniture for Modern House

Italian design now comes with a different, since World War II ended the art and design of Italy are growing rapidly and quickly. Because the earlier ideology of fascism strongly restricts the freedom to think and create from each person. Not to mention the development of architecture, Italian style began widely apply in the modern house. Starting from house design, products, and interior.

The colors used Italian Modern Bedroom Furniture tend to be white or neutral colors. Don’t have many color variants in one room even in one house. Other color accents can be present from other objects and only slightly. In addition to the color also from the wall, floor and other furniture made smooth, sleek, clean and modern nuances.

For Italian Modern Bedroom Furniture remove carpets and parquet. Because both not include in the concept of Italian bedroom. It can be use if necessary only. Except with the use of marble floors, carpets are need for warmers. For furniture should not be purchase directly from the country of Italy, the important thing is the design is clean and tidy so that the feel of Italian Modern Bedroom Furniture more viscous.

Use wood or bamboo furniture and make sure the fiber is not protruding and make a clear finishing, besides modern Italian will also look classy and much more stylish. Dont forget the lighting. Because it will be a reinforcing icon that the bedroom is Italian style.

Choose the Italian Chandelier Position. Italian chandeliers made from stainless steel with chinese k9 crystal suitable for large room. Dont forget the color choices are always white or other neutral colors. For rooms that are not so big, can use the Italian Chandelier Position with flower motifs and magnificent chandeliers with golden luxury gild wax pendant. In addition to a more variant design, size is also not so big and more simple decoration of the lamp.

Italian Chandelier Position design is also light and simple. Just hung three candle incandescent lamps and protected with a circle as a protector and made the design more elegant and look more modern. In addition it can use other models with other simple types with the addition of many incandescent lamps like candles, without a touch of glass or crystal. But for the color using can use white color for the impression of Italian style is stronger. Apart from the concept of nursery, furniture is also the color of lighting.

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