Most expensive chandeliers

Having a beautiful and comfortable home is everyone’s dream not only as a place to stay but as a place of rest with the family. To beautify the house of course the selection of accessories and furniture should be considered. One of the home furniture that beautifies the house is a light, not only as a room light but can also as home decoration.

Beautiful and unique lamps of course much sought and sought by many people but you know the most expensive chandelier is very beautiful and unique because the price is expensive of course materials making lamps made of gold and even diamonds. Here’s the explanation Check this out, guys!

Salviati Lamp Chandelier by the famous producer of Italian Giulio Salviati has a gold-colored design that looks like a flower blooming with the tip of a small petal side that can be used as a candle holder, this lamp is 83 inches tall and 67 inches in diameter. The price of this lamp is quite fantastic around Rp. 13.2 Billion or the US $ 1,000,000. these types of lights are hard to find today

The second lamp is a lamp Daum Crystal Chandelier 448 Roses made by Cristallerie who comes from French lights with white nuances and red trimmings valued at US $ 1,760,000 or about Rp. 23, 23 bln.

This beautiful lamp making factory established since 1878 until now this factory is still standing and walking. The design of this lamp is very unique and elegant wear 448 roses typical Daum Crystal whose texture is very soft and attractive in addition to its function for lighting but on the other hand, this light gives the impression of elegance and beauty. This lamp has a height of 81.9 inches and a width of 41.5 inches every middle of the lamp there is one red light that stands out.

The last lamp named Kuwaiti Mall Chandelier by Dale Chihuly from the United States is a famous glass sculptor. The design of this lamp is very magnificent this lamp is made like flower petals decorated with white light on the side there is a place for candles. The price of this lamp is about US $ 1,800,000 or about Rp. 23, 76 bln.

Furniture to beautify the house not only from ordinary items but the lights can also be used as home accessories that make the house more Comfortable and elegant. That was some very expensive lamps that are very beautiful, may be useful.

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