Outstanding Vineyard Orb 4 Light Chandelier by I Love Living

Beautify and decorate your rooms with the gorgeous chandelier by I Love Living. This astonishing chandelier is antique and extremely a must decoration to get.

The high ceiling looks boring without any hanging chandelier and more wall decoration. This is special for you who like to collect antique and fabulous object in your house. Vineyard orb 4 light chandelier is a hanging antique chandelier made from wood and metal as primer material. It looks so simple and natural because it is made of wood. However, it doesn’t impact the beauty of this chandelier to be shined. Many people try to get this chandelier as decoration on their house with the proper theme.

This awesome chandelier is great for lighting decoration. One of the most important item in a house is lighting. There will be no lighting without chandelier and lamp. Moreover by adjusting new light fixtures on your ceiling decoration can dramatically make some changes into your whole room. This item is one of a popular chandelier because of its uniqueness. It is hard to find this item in the usual market so here we come to give you information to describe this item through description from some online shops.

Vineyard orb 4 light chandelier description

  1. Features

This item is best known as a distressed mahogany wood finish. It is weight in an average of 16,5 pounds. It has 4 light orb chandelier. Each light requires 60-watt bulbs. The frame is made of metal and wood. This lighting is multi-directional. It is only recommended for the use of indoor.

  1. Dimensions

The orb is 31 inches in high, 24 inches for wide and 24 inches deep. It is not only unique but also has a perfect size. As the chain is 72 inches long. With this long of the chain, the chandelier will look amazing with perfect high. Also for overall, this vineyard orb 4 light chandelier is 103 inches high, 24 inches wide, and 24 inches deep.

  1. Reviews from appliers

The review from some online shops shows that 9 from 10 people are satisfied by this lighting. Most of them hang them on the entry doorway and it is so eye-catching. The looks are so beautiful that people cant stop asking where to get the same item.

So those are the reviews and description of the vineyard orb 4 light chandelier. This is one of the best unique chandeliers to decorate your living room.


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