The Ideal Corner Bathtub Dimensions for a Small Bathroom

A bathroom is the essential part of a home, you can live without a kitchen but you cannot live without a bathroom. Even though its size is the smallest in your home, but still you need a bathroom. For a narrow bathroom, you need to organize every part of the bathroom to make it more comfortable even in a small size. If you more like using a shower, a small bathroom is not such a problem because it does not take place, different with the bathtub that needs more space than the shower. If you still want to install a bathtub in your small bathroom, you can try a corner bathtub that does not take too much space in your bathroom. Make sure to know the ideal corner bathtub dimensions to fit it with your bathroom corner.

Why Do You Need to Know an Ideal Dimension of Corner Bathtub?

The bathtub has many kinds that can be adjusted to your bathroom size. If you have a larger bathroom, you can choose any kind of bathtub that you want. But, if you want a bathtub for your small bathroom, corner bathtub can be the best choice of yours. The dimension itself is very minimalist and not take too much place. The ideal corner bathtub dimensions are around 60 x 32 inches. Here are several ideal sizes of corner bathtub for your reference.

1. Oval Bathtub

The bathtub with left-handed and oval inner can be your best choice. Its size is 135 x 44 x 175 cm (W x D x L) is not taking too much space and can be set in the corner of your small bathroom. It will be looked more elegant if the material is acrylic.

2. Free-standing bathtub

Another kind of bathtub that can be installed in the corner is a free-standing bathtub. Free-standing bathtub itself has various size and shape with different material. For example, a corner bathtub that combines with a whirlpool and the height is 61 cm from the floor. The dimension of this corner bathtub is 145 x 47 x 145 cm (W x D x L). There are some materials that can be chosen like acrylic, solid surface, and quartz composite.

The best way to choosing the corner bathtub is knowing well your bathroom size. Choose bathroom that does not taking too much space in your bathroom because it will make the bathroom looks small and narrow.

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