What is Bad About Tranquility Vinyl Plank Flooring

The review might be one of the things you have to read before choosing this vinyl plank flooring of Lumber Liquidators. Here is the information we have collected for you from some forums and channels.

Tranquility vinyl plank flooring is a name product of Lumber Liquidators house that is meant to be a luxury vinyl plank. Many people have tried this one to apply to their houses and some of them said it is good but some did not in one opinion as the problems and experience are varied. Despite it, the tranquility vinyl plank flooring is included as one of the best luxury vinyl planks in the market because of one particular reason. They cost less than any other same product of the other companies. So it a reliable when it comes to contemporary flooring.

However what makes us worry is the bad side of this vinyl plank. The durability, comfort, application, maintenance, warranty and so on that will assure us this luxury vinyl plank flooring is worth to try. Some people have shared their experience and review to this product. Here are some bad things from tranquility vinyl plank flooring you should find out!

The bad side of tranquility vinyl plank flooring

  1. Limited selection

There is only 25 selection of tranquility vinyl plank flooring available in total. This is of course too limited if we compare to the other same product but different company. However, it is just fine if the application only for temporary flooring such as on a remodeling construction.

  1. The warranty is just so so

The warranty is too complicated and too many exceptions. Still, they said it as though 50-year warranty. In the description warranty, there are so many causations that will give bad impact to the product which is not included as warranty. For example is direct contact with sunlight.

  1. Unable to be applied under direct sunlight

Some of you must be wondering whether this tranquility vinyl plank flooring can be applied in the outdoor. The answer is not. In the warranty description written that this product cannot be contacted directly by sunlight since it will make a discoloration.

Those three are the bad side of tranquility vinyl plank flooring from many of reviews and forums. However, it still can be applied in other cases out of these three, for example, contemporary flooring in the rooms such as a bedroom.

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